Reddit Secret Santa 2015: My Giftee

Once again this year, I participated in the Reddit Secret Santa.  My giftee in this year's version posted the gift I sent in the gallery with a 'feel good' post title of "BEST GIFT EVER".  When I went to retrieve my match, he gave me some good stuff to work with:  he enjoys trying different kind of beers and he just starting building his own bar in his basement.

So...after a bit of searching, I landed on this wood wall-hanging map of the country that hold bottle caps.  Seems like a good conversation-starter in the bar, right?  Collect different caps from different craft breweries around the country and place them in their regions.

Here's all the posts on the blog about the different gift exchanges I've participated in (including Christmas for multiple years and a Disney one) on Reddit over the years.


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