Kurt Adler Vintage Santa Yo-Yo

 Every year, we spend NYE up in Michigan and one of the things that we regularly do is to head to the Great Lakes Antique Market to gobble up some Christmas savings.  They normally have some of the booths marked down (sometimes 50% off) for Christmas stuff.

We've picked up pots and planters and other stuff in years past.  If you look in January of 2015 or 2014 or 2013, you'll always see a string of 'vintage Christmas' posts.  And this January will be no different.

Consider this the first of a few 'haul' posts showing what we picked up this year.  Starting...with this - which is a first for us - a yo-yo.  He was just too cute to not buy for $0.50.  He's marked 'Kurt S. Adler INC, New York, NY Made in Hong Kong'.

The yo-yo is kinda like the little Santa pin we bought last year.  Doesn't quite fit in with the normal collection, but irresistible (and priced right!) so we couldn't pass it up.
How could he not come home with us, amirite?


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