Silver Beach Pizza Upstairs Expansion Complete

Just a bit over one year ago, I posted a photo of the new expansion at Silver Beach Pizza in St. Joseph Michigan here on the blog.  They were said to be adding 70 new seats to this place that is ALWAYS packed.

On our trip earlier this year in January up to Coloma, we - of course - made a trip to St. Joe's for a little Garlic Greek goodness. While there, I took some time to peek up at the new upstairs addition.  It is a 21-and-older area, which...I'll be honest...I'm not sure what it means.

As I said, this place is always packed.  Tuesday afternoon.  There's a wait.  Saturday night.  There's a wait.  So, the new 70 seats will certainly help, but I'm uncertain of the impact on us.  And..since this is *my* blog, this post needs to be about me, right?

Well, since it is a 21-and-older section, that means we're not going up there.  We're only ever at Silver Beach Pizza with our kids, so we're not allowed.  But, I'm hoping that the hostesses at the front are taking folks who have a party of 21-and-older only and putting them upstairs.  If that's the case, then there will naturally be more room downstairs.  And thus, less wait for everyone.

I poked my head up there on our visit and took that photo above.  It has a really nice view of the lake.  And...check out the photo below.  You can get a sense for the new addition.  It is basically up on stilts, so you can imagine the view of Silver Beach and Lake Michigan.


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