Good Guy Facebook? (Errr...Today is Safer Internet Day 2016)

I got to login to The Facebook this morning and I'm greeted with this prompt in the middle of my newsfeed.  It is a dinosaur from Facebook welcoming me to do a 'Privacy Checkup'.  How nice of them.

I have the majority of my settings in there set to "Just me".  Like...."Who can see your posts?"  "Just me."

So, pardon my skepticism here.  But...are the fine folks at Facebook asking me to check my settings to see if I'll loosen them up?  Or...are they *really* being good guys here?  And providing all users an opportunity to review what they have set up.  If that's the case?  Then...good on you, Facebook.  Appreciate the nag to check the settings!

*UPDATE at Noon* Turns out today is "Safer Internet Day 2016"?!?  And *that's* why The Facebook ran that security check.  Nice work.

But...they were outdone by the smarties over at Google.  If you ran through a security check with Google, they not only gave you a little pat on the back, but they also awarded you 2 GB of storage in your Google Drive for the rest of your life.  Nice work, Google!


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