Mele Kalikimaka Chip and Dale 2015 Disney Pin From the Polynesian

In sorting out some of the girls Disney pins from our last trip recently, I came across this Christmas-time one from last year.  I wore this one through most of the holiday season, but now it'll go into one of the girl's pin books/boards and will serve as a reminder of the holiday trip we took.  We didn't stay at the Polynesian on the trip where we picked this pin up, but we stopped there to have a few drinks at Trader Sam's and the bar upstairs with the pineapple drink while the kids were at the playhouse setup there at the Poly.

I can't ever remember the difference between Chip and Dale.    But a quick Google search turns up this:
Chip has a small black nose that looks similar to a chocolate chip while Dale has a larger red nose. Chip has two close together front teeth while Dale has two spread apart teeth. Finally the last visual difference is their fur.

So that's Chip on the right and Dale on the left.  And it isn't just the nose color. The teeth also tell the story.  Learn something new everyday, I guess.  


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