New Cutter Pizza Pans From Lloyd Pans

Well, well, well.  Look at what showed up over the weekend at our house.  That's three brand new, pre-seasoned, permanent-coated 14" cutter pans for Chicago-style thin crust pizzas.  If you are looking for your own set, you can find them here.  I will caution you that they actually manufacture your pans and don't have them in stock.  Really.   Like it took a month to get them.  I first heard about Lloyd Pans and their cutter pans on the forums.   Same place that I sourced my Detroit-style blue steel pans that I've put through their paces over the past four-ish years.

This is part of the email I had with the Lloyd Pans customer representative - who couldn't have been nicer.
We are the manufacturer of the pans you see on our website. We build them here in Spokane, WA so these will be "hot off the press" for you! :) 
We are booked heavily in production right now, but are running extra shifts to get the work out sooner if possible so your order will likely ship earlier.
When the pans arrived, they also included this how-to guide for dealing with/cleaning/storing the pans.  I bought the pre-seasoned ones and you'll note that they're NOT REALLY dishwasher safe and that you should still use a little bit of lube on the dough.  If you click the photo below, you'll get a bigger version of the instructions.

A little bit of spilling the beans here:  I used one of the pans this weekend for a test run and it cooked the dough really nicely.  Probably a bit too nicely.  The bottom was a bit too overdone but that's likely because I put the rack low in the oven and it was too close to the heating element.  A full post on that pie and this new pizza 'quest' another day.

Today?  If you're into cutter pans, go with the best:  Lloyd Pans.


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