Monorail MagicBand Sticker From MyFantasyBands

Doesn't matter how many MagicBands that I get.  They are all the same color:  orange.  But, on each of our last few trips, we've been using these 'covers' or stickers from   I've had Woody one one.  Last time, I had Chewey on mine.  This time, I'm going with a four-piece sticker of the Monorail.  The two individual pieces on each side allow for the band color to 'show through', thus (in this case) making Monorail Orange.  Which, if you read this story, it turns out there *is* indeed a Monorail Orange down in Orlando.  I've never paid that close of attention to the color of the stripe on the side when they pull up.  But maybe on this trip, I will?

I'm the kind of guy who orders the same thing at restaurants a lot.  We go to Egg Harbor for breakfast almost every week.  And guess what?  I order the same thing:  Old-Fashioned Oatmeal.  With a side of bananas.

So, with as I said...I stick with the orange bands.  But with these stickers?  I can change it up a bit.  And that feels kinda good.  It is the small things, folks.  The small things.  Next thing you know, I'll be ordering an omelette with spinach or something for breakfast.  Nah.  That'll never happen.  Eggs are just flat out gross.


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