NFL Draft Town 2016 Edition

That's the view from my office this week as the NFL has arrived and Chicago has rolled out the red carpet for them in the form of the second year of Draft Town.  

Here's my post showing the setup from last year in 2015.   They seem to have shifted the bulk of the activities towards the lake with the biggest tent area right along Lake Shore Drive and a few other tents and what look like broadcast booths scattered around Buckingham Fountain.  They also (if you look closely!) added a Ferris Wheel.  Which is weird, right?  

Last year, all the action was confined east of Columbus with the biggest tent right on Michigan Avenue.  That's where the team representatives sat and talked on the phones.  They then 'walked' the picks across the street to the Auditorium Theatre.  Not sure if that's part of the schtick this year?  

I think it is great to have this event here in town.  I'm sure that we - the taxpayers - are footing the bill, but I think that events like this have a place and do make our city vibrant and attractive.  Hopefully, the warm weather will return tomorrow and through the weekend, so fans can get out there and enjoy the festivities.  


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