Shelly The Sea Turtle At Sea Island

When you check into The Cloister at Sea Island and you have kids on your reservation, you are greeted with this warm message and bath toy in your room that my kids totally fought over.  We had to tell the guy who was helping with our bags to score us another one so that the girls wouldn't go to battle mode over who, exactly, *owns* Shelly.

The note reads:
My friends at The Cloister hope you'll take me with you when you leave, as a happy reminder of your time at Sea Island.  Just as a mother sea turtle returns to the same area each time she nests, we hope you will return again soon!  
If you'd like to read more about my bigger brothers and sisters, called loggerheads, please see the other side of this card. 
With warm Sea Island wishes,
Shelly the Sea Turtle
I mean...come on.  Couldn't be cuter, right?  And the idea of 'returning'?  Don't mind if we do!


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