Cinnamon Fern Planted - At Vic/Equation Boy/Man's Place

The Cinnamon Fern that I mentioned in yesterday's post about our trip to the Crestview Ladies Garden Sale in Elmhurst has found a new home: on the southside of the yard of our current place. I put it right next to a few hostas that my sister has planted and just past their hammock setup. It is a pretty shady spot and based on what I *thought* I knew about Ostrich and Cinnamon Ferns (which....based on this being a Cinnamon Fern, I may know NOTHING!), I know they like to stay pretty wet and out of the sun.

When I planted this after work, it was totally shaded and based on the trees overhead, I'm thinking this will be in the shade most of the day.  Look at those hostas behind it:  they don't seem to be drying out/burning out in the sun.  So, I'm thinking we're safe.

In the past, these ferns have multiplied pretty rapidly.  I would have one set of shoots come up and by the end of the season, there'd be two or three more.  Planting this one in mid-May, I'm not sure how/if it will multiply this year, but I'll be baby-ing it to make sure it survives through the summer.  By next Spring, it will (hopefully) have some buddies that pop through the mulch.  And then?  My Sister and Equation Boy/Man will come home from Switzerland to a few new ferns in their shade garden.


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