Confirmed: We Have Ostrich Ferns

That screenshot of an email, above, is the note I received back from "The Master Gardener" at the University of Illinois Extension office in DuPage County., I think we can put this mystery to bed:  we have Ostrich Ferns.  Confirmed.

Yesterday, I posted a few photos of them at my mother-in-law's house and those are the photos that I supplied to the Master Gardener.

No more guessing about Cinnamon vs. Ostrich ferns for all the ferns that I have in Naperville.  But, what about the one I bought at the plant sale this year?  It was marked as a Cinnamon Fern, but could the gardener who brought it in be confused like I was?  Time will tell.  But, that one is planted in Elmhurst at our temporary home, so it won't be transplanted anywhere else to get confused going forward.

I feel good about this.  And, I feel really great about the Master Gardener.  What a resource!  I'm going to use it whenever I have a gardening question going forward.  And you should to!  You can reach them at the email address on this site.



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