Mother's Day - 2016

I'm posting this on Saturday - the day before Mother's Day - because the emails go out the next morning and I figure that's the best way for Nat to see this.

Happiest of Mother's Day to the best, most wonderful Mother (and partner in life) around:  Natalie.  That's her above on an adventure she took me on over the weekend where we went to (randomly) Rivers Casino for some chow at Hugo's Frog Bar and where she won on a slot machine!

She's going to hate me saying, this, but here goes:  Natalie does it all.  And does it all with such grace.  She's a mother to three terrific kids.  And I know that they're turning out the way they're turning out because of her.  She tends to them, nurtures them, and makes them stronger and smarter and more caring each day.  *She's* the reason why they are caring, unique kids.  *She's* the reason why I couldn't be more proud of my family and of calling her my partner.

I couldn't do what I do during the day without her covering everything with our family and all that it entails.  It certainly isn't easy (she's got the wayyyy harder job), and I know that, but she never complains and always works hard to make things better for all of us. best friend in the world:  Here's lookin' at you, pud!  Happy Mother's Day.

I got it today.  Go have a Mimosa.  And maybe a nap.


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