Sea Island Coaster Added to Collection

The unofficial/official online Coaster Collection here on the blog continues to grow.  Adding this one from Sea Island to the pile of coasters that have been documented here from our trip down there earlier this Spring.

You can see the entire Coaster Collection here.  It might not seem like much, but it *is* growing, right?  This Sea Island one gets us up to ten coasters.

1.  Illini Coors light one featuring the 'new' I.
2.  Ted's Montana Grill with quote.
3.  Bell & Harbor out in the Hamptons.
4.  A different Ted's one.  
5 & 6.  Two coasters from Saugatuk Brewing Company.
7 & 8.  Disney coasters from both coasts.
9.   Jungle Cruise Cantina from inside the MK.
10.  This one.


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