My Husqvarna Automower Arrives #Automowerfirst

Yesterday morning, some wonderful people from Husqvarna pulled up to our home in Elmhurst in this massive and awesome truck and trailer.  Inside, was a delivery I've been anticipating for weeks:  our new Husqvarna Automower.

I wrote about the #Automowerfirst program here on the blog a few weeks back where I mentioned that I was getting this robot lawn mower to use over the summer.  Disclosure here again:  Husqvarna has given me this Automower for free and if I post about my experience on the blog here and on social media, I am able to keep it.  Now...will I want to?  I'm not sure yet!  But, I'm sure hoping so.  

Anyway, back to the installation.  These dudes arrived yesterday and got to work.  First thing they did was to cut my grass short which was awfully nice of them.  Then, they went ahead and began to lay down the boundary wire in the yard.  It is this green heavy gauge wire you see in the photo below.  They laid it all the way around the perimiter of the lawn about 10 to 12 inches from the edge.  This wire keeps the Automower in the right areas.  There are also guide wires that guide the mower from one section of the yard to another.  For instance, we are having the mower cut BOTH our front and back yard.  So, we've put a guidewire from the charging unit out to the front yard through the gate in the fence.  It is all pretty slick so far.  

But, what does the Automower look like?  Kinda like a robot lawnmower if it was designed for Batman.  It looks pretty boss.

Because of my work schedule, I wasn't there for the briefing on how the mower works, so that will happen today.  Once that's over, we're about to release the mower on our yard, so I'll have more updates on how it is working and what I like and (maybe?) don't like about the mower.

Oh, and in terms of braggin' rights?  This is pretty awesome, too.  The folks at Husqvarna left behind a yard sign for me to stick in the front yard.  Don't mind if I do.


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