Vintage (Kinda Cute, Kinda Creepy?) Big Santa - Garage Sale Find

Another day, another post about a garage sale find that happens to be a vintage Christmas item.  We picked this Santa Claus up a few weeks back at a garage sale around the corner from our house.  He's the biggest vintage Christmas thing we've ever bought, but was still just a dollar.  He's maybe 12 inches or so tall and he *kinda* stands up on his own.  I forgot to take a photo of his shoes, but he's marked "Made in Japan" and while he's a little bit dirty, he is in great shape for being fifty or sixty years old.

The lady we bought him from said, "Oh...I remember that Santa!  He was out every year for Christmas for our family.  He was so great."

Which...makes me wonder why, she's parting with it?  I guess, at some point, when you are cleaning out your parents' house, you have to divorce yourself from the sentimentality of items.  If you don't, you'll end up being a hoarder, right?  Can't hold on to everything?

At least she'll know that this guy will end up in a good house and will - I think - be displayed for years to come every holiday season.


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