Hi-C Ecto Cooler Returns For New Ghostbusters Movie

I was at Mariano's in Naperville over the weekend when I came across a huge Hi-C display on one of the end caps.   And...it took me a moment to figure out what was going on here.  The whole juicebox world has been shaken up and now Natalie brings home organic, healthy, what-have-you juice boxes for the kids that are mostly from Trader Joe's and she usually turns her nose up at things like Capri Sun and the like.

But...Hi-C?  I think she'd call it sugar water.  But...but...but...she's a HUGE Ghostbusters fan.  In fact, her whole family is bonkers for Ghostbusters.  I'm talking DIY Halloween costumes in the 80's and 90's and holding on to vintage Ghostbusters toys for future grandkids-kinda bonkers.  Good bonkers, btw.  But...Ghostbusters bonkers.

So, I put them in the cart and brought them hope.  Guess what?!?  She loved them!  Fired off a few photos to her brothers scattered around the country.  The kids drank them up.  Had no idea that nostalgia ruled the day and they got some tasty sugar water because a savvy brand marketer amp'd up the nostalgia factor and forced this suburban daddy blogger to buy some of his childhood back.

Nice work, Hi-C.
If you are keeping track at home, this is the second 'retro' juice-ish product that has been reintroduced to the marketplace that I've covered here on the blog.  The other one?  Michael Jordan's favorite Citrus Cooler from Gatorade (and also my favorite flavor!).


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