Indigo Rose Tomatoes Ripening - 2016

 We started the year with two tomato plants in elevated planters on the driveway.  After going away for a while (5+ weeks!), we lost one of them to something (blight, maybe??) but the other one is throwing off fruit that is starting to ripen.  These are the Indigo Rose variety that I've tried in years past.  The critters have gotten to a bunch of the under-ripe fruits, but you can see we have a bunch of them coming in very soon.

The Chocolate Sprinkles cherry variety was the plant that we lost, so we won't be getting any of those this year.  Sad face.

In years' past, I've grown up to ten different tomato plants and with our move this year, things have been different, but I think having two was a good starting point.  We also are growing a few containers of fingerling potatoes, which we're waiting to see how they did.  Next summer, we'll still (likely) be in a place of transition, so our garden may NOT be growing just yet.  But, the future?  I can see a greenhouse clearly in my mind.  Yeah...a greenhouse.  Like one of these?!?!


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