Mosiac Floor @ The CAA

Last week, I was, once again, at the Chicago Athletic Association building for an event called the Carrier Summit from one of my #clients at Edelman called Businessolver.  The folks at Businessolver are doing some incredible things for benefits administration and I'm honored to be able to partner with them to build their business and deliver solutions for HR pros.  Again...making sure I put this here:  #client.  

But, while there was some good stuff during the sessions, one of the stars of the show, was again the building at the CAA.  I've posted about the building and my visits before on the blog (here's the full set of posts) and I have a super soft spot in my heart for the place.  My oldest sister was married at the CAA back in the early 1990's and I spent more than a few afternoons eating sandwiches with the great Tom Roeser back in the aughts where we talked about his blog and he told some pretty incredible stories.  

And the building keeps delighting me every time I go there.  Take a look at the mosiac floor that is in the hallway on the first floor where the elevators are located:  

Kudos to the folks who renovated the building as they kept as MUCH as they could of the cool, old stuff that the building contained including these floors.  You can see the little blemish in the first/closets circle in the photo above, but they just patched it with some concrete and didn't try to bastard-ize it with newish tiles stuck in there.  Nice work, contractors and builders.  


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