So Long, Meeder Industries - Moved Out of City Centre

If you walk by the storefront just south of TCBY on the west side of York Street in the Elmhurst City Centre these days, you'll notice that there's a 'for lease' sign up in the old Meeder Remodeling location.  They were in this spot for about a year or less only - as I posted about them moving out of their location further south here on the blog last December.

If you drive down south on York near the Prairie Path, you'll see that they've relocated down there, which is great and means that they didn't close up shop.

As for the City Centre, we need a mix of uses - from retail to restaurant to services to offices.  And Meeder was a part of that mix.  They didn't generate a ton of foot traffic, but I am guessing that they employed a staff that worked in the City Centre everyday that provided needed customers to the other tenants of the City Centre.

Because storefronts are so scarce, I'm always going to advocate for office/showroom uses like this be put up on second stories, but I can't complain about the use right now when there are so many vacant storefronts around town.

So, what's your guess on what can go in here?  Hope not another nail salon, right?


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