Menards Christmas Creep - 2016

The calendar may read September, but the folks at Menards already have Christmas on their mind. Seriously.   They have their Christmas stuff up already!  Well...most of it.  The "Enchanted Forest" isn't up yet because the Halloween inflatables are still up.  But, all the lights and lawn items for Christmas - as you can see - are on the shelves.

And think we were excited?  Just look at the Bird running up and down the aisles celebrating Christmas coming soon.  Last year, the Menards in Melrose Park put up their Christmas stuff in early October, so they're a bit ahead of where they were last year.  But, this isn't the earliest sighting of Christmas stuff at Menards on record.  Here, back in 2011, I posted a photo of the Babe with holiday blow molds on September 17th.

Alas, we didn't buy anything from the Christmas section, but we *did* buy a few Halloween items that they still have displayed.

Christmas creep is real and I, for one, welcome it.


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