So Long, Cold Stone In The Elmhurst City Centre...

At one point, I have to think that Elmhurst and our City Centre was one of the sweet treat capitols of the world.  We had - what - three yogurt shops.  And two ice cream shops.  And a shaved ice place.  All within like three blocks of each other.

Now we're down to three total.  TCBY on the yogurt side.  And BrainFreeze on the ice cream side.  And the shaved ice place that operates seasonally. And that's because the Cold Stone Creamery on the east side of York - right across from the bowling alley - is shuttered.  That sign was posted on the windows earlier this month and if you walk by the place now, it is empty.  All the signage inside and out is gone.  The fixtures and furniture...gone.

And while we're saying 'so long' to this place, I have to raise my own hand and say 'sorry'.  We just flat out didn't support this store.  Not sure the reason, but it wasn't in our world and didn't appeal to us.  Maybe our kids are too young to see the appeal or be drawn to their whole 'mixing' thing?  Heck...our kids are geeked when they get a normal ice cream cone.  And....the appeal of putting gummy bears and Reeses' Pieces on top of their frozen yogurt proved too strong over the past few years.

I've been chronicling the ups and downs of the Elmhurst City Centre and our downtown for the past six years.  I just looked and this will be the 140th post with the 'downtown Elmhurst' or 'Elmhurst City Centre' tag on the blog.  The first one I wrote was back in 2010 when I wrote about the building that is the sideways one on Schiller that now houses Nu Crepes.  You can see that way back here.

And it isn't fun looking back at all the closures.  Sure, there's plenty of openings, but it is easy to notice how much the City Centre has transitioned over the past six years just by scrolling through the posts.

So long, Cold Stone.  I hardly knew ya!

And now we have ANOTHER vacant store front.  What are we going to get?  Here's hoping for retail.


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