Trader Joe's White House Cookie Kit

Thanks to our good friend Dannee down the block, we were not only alerted to this awesome White House cookie kit - she also gifted one to us after one of her trips to Trader Joe's!  And guess what?  The girls loved putting them together.  Of course they did, right? What's more fun than a gingerbread house?  Nothing, I tell you.  Nothing.

This is a pretty fun, seasonal item, that is a great way to do something fun with our kids, but also, kinda, sorta talk to them about the White House and the president and the upcoming election.  Did they listen to any of it?  Probably not.  But, still...frosting!  cookies!  Candy!

And, from a business stand point, the person at the gingerbread factory who came up with this idea is pretty clever.  I can hear it now....

"Hey, Bob!  Fire up the ovens!  I have an idea."

" isn't Christmastime yet.  We have months to go until the public wants our stuff."

"You're isn't Christmas, but it *is* election season.  What if we made a White House??"

"Huzzah!  Great idea, Phil."

....or something like that.  Bob and Phil.  Gingerbread bakers.

However it happened, my girls loved making their own creations.  And eating a ton of the candy along the way.  (they never give you enough candy for these things you always have to supplement it anyway....)


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