Vintage Christmas Ornament Haul - Estate Sale Finds

A few weeks back, I picked up this ornament case and these 14 vintage Christmas ornaments at an Estate Sale in Elmhurst.  It was the same sale where I picked up this hobnail milkglass pitcher and this vintage White Sox book.  Quite the haul...

The ornament case was found where most Christmas stuff ends up - buried either on the floor under a table or in the basement.  When I opened the case, it was totally full, but I pulled out the ornaments that I didn't want that were newer and the seller at the sale was glad to keep them to try to sell to someone else.  We see these type of ornaments all the time at sales and most of the time they want anywhere between $2 and $4 a piece for each of them. Sometimes they're not even really that old, but just look old.  And each time, I usually pass.

Both, because glass ornaments like these aren't destined to last super long on our tree with the three savages roaming around and shaking the tree, but also because we have a tree full of ornaments that have some meaning to us and while I really like the idea of these vintage glass ornaments, it just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to spend $4 a piece for these old ball of glass.

But at this same, we were there on Saturday mid-day.  And that means that 'everything must go'.  And as such, we were able to buy these 14 ornaments plus one more I'll post about another day AND the case for just $10.  Total.

There are some cool ones in here, but they all carry the mark of Shiny Brite - Germany on the metal clasp at the top.   This one has some frosted parts:

This cute one has a frosted outline of a tree with some glitter stars applied to it.  Some of them have fallen off, of course!

There were two that had unique shapes including this tear-drop-shaped one:

Off they went to our storage unit, which by the way, we're working to organize a bit into a seasonal storage unit (for holiday decorations) and everything else.  Should make it easier to go find Christmas and Halloween stuff this fall.


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