Burst Mode on the Nexus 6P Camera

Those of you that follow the technology world like I do likely heard about/read about the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones that Google announced last week along with other things like Google Home and Google Wifi.  Being an Android guy and owner of every Nexus phone (and a few tablets!) that have come out, I couldn't wait to get in line to buy a phone.  But, as part of the marketing for these new phones, Google has been doing a lot of talk about the camera.  And how it is, by at least one regard, the *best* camera to ever be put in a phone.  That's nice, right?  They also talked about a feature called Smartburst.  From their post:
Pixel’s camera lets you take stunning photos in low light, bright light or any light. Catch action shots as they happen with Smartburst, which takes a rapid-fire sequence of shots and automatically selects the best one. Use Lens Blur to achieve shallow depth of field and bokeh effects, making your subject pop. You can capture dramatic landscapes or make faces glow with new exposure controls.
Sounded neat.  Smartburst.  So...I went poking around and turns out that Google released SmartBurst for the Nexus 6P last year.  Yeah....I've been carrying a phone around for a year with this feature and never used it.  

So, in the past week, I've made up for not using it and took dozens of bursts in the past couple of weeks.  Google Photos turns them into neat little animations automatically like the one you see above from the carnival at the Highwood Pumpkin Festival from last weekend.  

But, they also let you dig into the individual photos that make up the burst.  And, hidden in there, in plain sight were these little snaps of pure joy.  I wouldn't have been able to capture these moments of my two girls if I didn't use SmartBurst.  Thanks, Google!

Look at those girls.  The Babe has one arm raised and mouth wide open.  The Bird is laughing and hanging on for dear life.  Love these.


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