Marshall Field's Christmas State Street Windows Getting Ready

Walking down State Street this week, you'll see that they've gone 'dark' with their windows in preparation for the release of their annual windows featuring Christmas scenes.

I covered the same 'coming soon' situation back in 2014 and the day they opened last year here on the blog.  We still take our kids down to the Walnut Room every year just as I did when I was a kid with my mom and sister(s).  (I actually only remember going with Vic, but I'm guessing that Sharon and Linda were there, too??  I dunno.)  Thus, I have a really soft spot in my heart for Marshall Field's at Christmastime and specifically for peering into these windows.

Let's hope that the fine folks at Macy's have learned their lesson and won't give us New York City's "hand me downs" like they did last year.  Shame on them for that one.


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