New Addition to the Mantleburg Line: Lionel Target Launcher Car

Over the weekend, we took my Dad and the Gooz to the annual Christmas Train Show out at the DuPage County Fairgrounds to pick up a few things for everyone's Christmas Train layouts.  With so many boxcars already around, I'm only really interested in getting 'action cars' or 'operating cars' and that's why this "Lionel 6-19824 US Army Operating Target Launcher" car came home with us.

See that blue thing on the top of the car?  That is a fan/heater that blows air up through the top of the car and makes a balloon kind of 'hover' above the car.  Here's a quick video that shows the car in action.  It's called a 'target' car because there's a companion 'shooting' car that you can use to aim at the balloon.  Here's a short video that shows that action going on.  Alas, this time, we only got the balloon car, but there's always next year when we can pick up the shooting car, right?


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