Wall Calendars - Turned Over to December 2016

Well, at least the University of Illinois one was turned to December.  The Pixar one was already in December by accident!  Check out last months post where the photo shows December already showing.  Whoops.

I don't seem to have posted in December of 2015, so there's no ranking to compare against, so we'll just have to close out this year with a push.  If I don't get any wall calendars for Christmas, this monthly diary will come to a close.  And that's just fine with me.

For those keeping track like I am (Which, we all know is nobody!):
  • January took 8 days to put up the calendar. I don't think I was tracking January last year. So let's call it a wash. (+0 Days)
  • February took 16 days to put up the calendar. In 2015, I turned it over on the 17th. (-1 Days better)
  • March took 8 days this year. In 2015, I turned them on the 10th. Posted on the 11th. So...that makes it -2 days better.
  • April took just 7 days. I didn't post last April. So..no new net days.
  • May took 12 days. Net + 5 days over last year. Wowsa. 
  • June took 6 days. Net +5 days over last year. Another Wowsa. 
  • July took 8 days. Net -14 days over last year. Huge swing. Leaving a -7 day advantage over last year.
  • August took just 2 days. Net of -8 days just for the month. Putting me at -15 days. 
  • September took 7 days to turn, but 12 days to post. That's a -6 margin (well..technically it is a -11 day margin, but we're going with post date now). 
  • October took just 4 days. That's -4 better than last year. 
  • Add November's 2 more days and we're at -27 days.
  • December was posted on 7th this year, but nothing to compare it to.
Thus, we're netting out with a 27 day 'gain' versus 2015.  Not too shabby, I guess?  


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