Electric Service Going In - New Old Farmhouse

It was ten-plus days ago that I posted a photo of the framers building out our new place with walls and ceilings and such.  Welp, they've wrapped up their portion of the project and moved on to other jobs leaving behind something that *actually* looks like a house.  Like...a real, live house.  You can still basically 'see' right through it as there's nothing in any of the walls and there's no windows or doors, but the basic shapes of the place we've been thinking about, dreaming about, hoping about for the past two years is there to take in, in it's full glory.  Or...some portion of it's glory.

We've been able to head over there on the weekends and peek in on the progress.  Nat gets there more often than I do, because she has the hard job of getting our kids around all day, everyday, so she finds herself in the neighborhood more than I do.

When I was there recently, I peered out back and saw this machine in the backyard and noticed the trench it had dug.  That's for our electrical service.  It is running from across one side of the yard to the other, then up the side of the yard all the way to the meter on the side of the house.  You can see how they tried to weave in/out of some of the larger trees.  I'm grateful for that and hoping that everything survives once Spring hits and we can see the trees take on leaves.

I'm posting this photo here as a shortcut for the whole 'call Julie' thing.  Based on this, I should be able to remember - kinda - where this thing is buried and know to not dig or pound in stakes near this area.

Oh...and the house?  It is coming along.  Once this is done in the backyard, I'm thinking we'll have electrical service, which means power and...lights!  That's exciting, right?


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