Hartmann Jewelers - Closed?

If you walk past Hartmann Jewelers on the east side of York Street - just across the tracks - in the Elmhurst City Centre, you'll see this:  papered up windows.  And a little note that says that they're closed.  The note says that if you left a piece with them, they'll be in touch to get it to you.

There were once three jewelry stores in the City Centre.  There's Cottage Hill Diamonds (still there!), plus this place Hartmann and one other.  Can you remember?

Well, it wasn't so much a jewelry shop as it was a pawn shop.  Yep, for a sad period of time, we had a "GoldMax" on the west side of York Street in the City Centre.  This was back in 2012.

We've been in Hartmann a few times, but it was ONLY ever on the downtown Trick-or-Treat days when the kids wandered in there to pick up a lollipop or Tootsie Roll.  Oh well, I guess part of why they're closing is the community didn't support them.

There was once three.  Now there's just one.  Between the increasingly hot market for vintage engagement rings and what-have-yous and the other end of the market on Amazon and elsewhere online, I have to think that the jewelry business will continue to get disrupted and this consolidation to just one store was inevitable.   It is a nice spot in a nice location.  I've got my fingers crossed for more retail.


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