Ice Heaving or Ice Jacking in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Check out that shoreline!  That's what they call Ice Jacking or Ice Heaving.  And best I can tell it is quite common in Minnesota.  There's dozens of stories like this one about it happening and damaging both the shoreline and occasionally, someone's property.   I took these photos a bit ago before the lake ice melted completely.

We dealt with heaving with our old gate and the pavers underneath it as each winter they'd rise up by a small fraction of an inch, but it was enough to make the gate stick underneath it.

That curling up of the earth and movement of the stones from the riprap is something I've never seen before in all my years spent around a lake.  Paw Paw didn't do this, but we also had a lot of beach area with a zero-depth entrance, so perhaps the ice had room to expand?

If you look in the photo below, you can see it happening in the neighbors shoreline, too.  But, it doesn't occur everywhere.  Just in *some* spots.

Based on what I've read, there are two schools of thought:  first, is to take on the shoreline restoration.  The second is to leave it as is and modify the land around it.  If it happened once, it'll happen again, they say.  The issue, of course, is the loss of land to the lake.  I guess an expert will have to weigh in on what to do up in Wisconsin, because there aren't a lot of answers online.

And that seems like an opportunity for education in Twin Lakes, doesn't it?  A site with some historical documentation about the lake, a list of resources to turn to and a directory of sorts?  Sounds like a fun project.


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