Late 70's Illini Football Helmet Lamp

Over on eBay this weekend, I came across this beauty of a lamp.  It is listed at $85 and has no shade, so it isn't a steal, right?

But it *is* awesome.  But right now, it isn't for me.  (remember that whole Joe Rhode-thing about that says: "It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them"???)

Looking up the helmets in the Helmet Project site, it seems that this one with the blue facemask, the arched "Illini" that is outlined in blue is from a very specific few years:  1977 to 1979.

As a child of the late 70's, I kinda love that.  We don't have a house yet, let alone a place for this lamp, but I bet it'd look pretty awesome in a rumpus room, right?  At $85, it might not go fast, right?  All it takes is one nutball like me to buy it, though!


  1. I have that very same lamp! It's a beauty and I always liked the arched "ILLINI" helmets of the 80's (maybe because our team was very good throughout most of the 80's).


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