Ray Charles: Ring of Fire

Chalk one up for YouTube and stumbling on new, interesting things.  I was watching a Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash "Girl from the North Country" video and then was offered up this Ray Charles video as a recommendation.  Had no idea that Ray Charles recorded an entire country record called "Love Country Style" in 1970.  Have to say that is is a pretty great cover version, eh?  

My brother-in-law Shaun, who was the first person to turn me on to The Band and gave me his vintage copy of The Last Waltz also gave me a Ray Charles boxed set.  Those were among some of my most cherished 'pieces' of vinyl.  I've admired Ray and his music, but haven't gotten too far into it.  Maybe this country stuff is the ticket in?

I use Google Music for all my listening needs, but I can only find this one song from a Greatest Hits compilation on there and the country album isn't available.  For those of you vinyl nerds out there, one of the 'pieces' that you might want be looking for is this "Love Country Style" record.  It would be a great 'piece' to add to your collection of noine pieces of vinyl.  

This doesn't appear to be an official version of the video, so I'm not sure how long it will last on YouTube.  Once they take it down, this player won't work any longer, so if you've discovered this post and the player isn't working, just head to YouTube and search for [Ray Charles Ring of Fire].   I'm sure the one with Johnny Cash sitting at the piano with him will turn up!  Or others will, like this other live studio version - which is pretty great, too!


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