Save This Town - Elmhurst City Center Snow Village?

Over on Addison Street in the Elmhurst City Centre, there's this place called Undercover Upholstery.  It is located south of the new parking deck with Orange Theory Fitness in it and north of the Coldwell Banker office and Pizza Palace on the east side of the street.  I parked over there recently when I was getting my haircut at JMC Barbershop.

I never thought much of the Upholstery shop and neither saw anyone ever go inside nor did it ever really seem open.  But, it must have been because it's been there for a number of years.

It caught my attention this time, because of the numerous flyers on the windows of the place that you can see in the photo above.  There's seven of the same flyer hung up in the front window.

And here's a closeup of that flyer.  It is pretty cute and reads:  "Save this town - snow village."

"All these buildings and homes must be moved to make room for another seven story parking deck.   
The Historic Society of Snow Village is seeking new owners to save the character of the town by moving them to your estate.   
An experienced tree arborist is on hand to move the mature species as part of the transition. 
Each building is only $50.00 and includes trees."

Mantleburg has been quite stagnant in recent years as the economy has been held down due to various factors including them not being on display for two Christmases in a row, but growth through bulk acquisition has never been the route that the Mayor has chosen in the past and I doubt it is one that we'll go down this time.

And, let's not skip over the passive-aggressive jab at the City of Elmhurst with the use of "another seven story parking deck".  Ouch.

Back to these Christmas village buildings.....I am guessing that these are Department 56 buildings?  I don't know enough about them to know if $50 a piece is fair, but I'm thinking that if someone wanted to try to buy a package deal of a few of them at once, the price would come down.  There *is* a phone number.....hmmm....maybe the Mayor of Mantleburg should at least inquire with the Historic Society?  I mean....there *is* an arborist on hand to help with the trees?


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