A/V Chases Installed

Last week, I posted about the masonry work that was taking place for the fireplace outside at our New Old Farmhouse and I also gave a little update about the salvaged leaded glass windows we are having repaired for reuse in our place by the craftsman at Drebohl Art Glass in Chicago.  (Drebohl, btw, is the 'oldest stained glass studio in Chicago', so they're the real deal.)

This week, the attention on the house construction turns inside as the tradesmen undertake their rough installations.  And that includes some low-voltage wiring work.  You'd think that in today's world, there wouldn't be the need for a ton of wires running all around the place with ethernet jacks and ports and what-have-you's installed in the walls in every room.  But you'd - like me - would be wrong.

As part of our house build, we're getting a bunch of different wires put in - for use now, but also a bit of 'future proofing' things of sorts.  That means, Cat 5/6 (I don't know the difference) running to our TV locations for connected TVs and connected (hard wired) Chromecasts.  Need these things to make that a reality it turns out, but according to Nat's Dad, wiring the tvs/Chromecasts will go a long way towards making sure our Netflix/VOD/Cast experience is seamless and non-stuttering.  There's also cable wires and security wires and speaker wires and wires and wires and wires and wires.

All of that means that there's A LOT of wires running all over the place.  And they've also installed that orange pipe that they're calling a 'chase'.  One runs from the family room tv location all the way up to the attic.  And the other one runs down to the basement utility room.  There's the same setup in the office and in the bedrooms.  We can then run wires - at a later date - to various locations, I suppose.  What kind of wires?  That, I'm not sure.  But the A/V guys sure seem to know.


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