The Salesman - Art @ The York

I last covered the Art @ the York Theatre program in January when they ran the Beatles 'Eight Days a Week' film.   I walked by the York recently and came across the poster for The Salesman.  The details of the showing are at the Classic Cinemas site.  This showing is twice on April 12th.  Both 1 pm and 7 pm.  If you're looking for them (which...I am doubtful you are!), then....Here's all of the Art @ The York Theatre posts on the blog.  

The team at the York and Classic Cinemas always seem to select interesting movies for this series, but this one?  Over on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 97% rating. is an Iranian movie.   That won the Academy Award for "Best Foreign Language Film". will be subtitled, right?  That's A LOT of reading.  

While I'd love to say that you can sign me up for might be a bridge too far for me and my movie house visits.  Mr. Culture right here, eh?  I'll go back to mashing my keyboard, drinking my sodas and eating jerky products.  


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