Update on Leaded Glass Windows

Back in early January, I posted about the three windows we bought salvage that included a big transom and a pair of more square-ish windows.  The transom is destined for our entryway/vestibule and the pair will go in the library/living room.  

We wanted to do the windows right, so we found the folks at Drehobl Art Glass in Chicago and after talking with them, decided to undertake the restoration process on all three.  

That meant taking the glass out of the sashes and work on the leading in between each one.  That also gave us an opportunity to work with our painter to have him restore the sash/frame.  Here's what one of them looked like in the back of Nat's van.  You can see that they're in pretty rough shape.  Peeling paint, weather damage.  They'll get stripped, sanded and then glued to make them just about new.

And here's a look at the pair of leaded glass windows out of their sashes.  They will undergo a bit more work to get straightened out.  Once our painter cleans up the sashes, we'll bring them back and the guys at Drebohl Art Glass will put all the pieces back together again.  Note the little "A" and "B" labels on each one to match up to the right sash.  

And here's that great, big, beautiful transom on the table.  Taken out of it's sash.  And all the leading removed in between each piece of glass.  Each individual piece of glass is beveled and that's what drew us to this particular piece.  The Drebohl team took a drawing of the exact layout, so when they go back to putting the pieces together, they'll know how it all works together.

In the upcoming month or so, we'll be in a position to install these beauties in the house where they'll live for long time.


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