A Mechanical Doorbell: Crazy? Or Crazy Cool?

We're at the point in the building of our new old farmhouse that we're starting to think about some finishes.  That means Nat is trying to wrangle all the choices with counters and tile and colors and trim and such.  But it also means things like railing hangers and garage floor epoxy and doorbells.


And Nat and I have been looking around online to find a doorbell that we both like and while there are some neat ones that seem right, I just haven't found anything that I'm in love with. I know...it is just a doorbell.  But, I loved our last one.  And I want to love this one.

That's lead me to this crazy idea:  what about a mechanical doorbell?  

See the photo above?  That's the 'outside' part of the mechanical doorbell.  You have to 'turn' the dial to ring the bell.  Below is a photo of the 'bell' part that would sit inside the house.  

Remember, we're trying to build a #NewOldFarmhouse.  We're already using some salvaged house parts like our windows.  And the knobs that Nat has chosen are really awesome and fit the whole 'new old' thing.  I'm thinking this doorbell would fit that theme, too? But is it obnoxious?

How does it work?  Well, check out this video below that shows both parts.  

The video shows a small rod connect the two parts.  Because that's how you would mount it to a door.  That's about the thickness of the normal door.  But, I think we love our new front door a bit too much to want to drill into it.  Also, there's lots of glass on it, so it might not work.

But, what about mounting this right where the normal doorbell button would go?  Like right next to the door?  Turns out, that's doable.  I asked our builder what the final thickness of the wall would be after the siding is put on the outside and the drywall is put on the inside and he said it was in the 7" range.  

If you check out this listing on the Vintage Hardware site, you'll see that they offer this mechanical doorbell operator that comes with a 10" long rod.  And that you can easily trim the length of the rod to make it work for your specific size.

So, instead of having a doorbell with a electric chime, we'd have one of these.  

Am I crazy?  

That video makes me think the bell is loud enough?  But, Nat is worried that our doorbell would need to come with 'instructions'.  "How would the UPS guy know how to ring the bell?"  

My answer is that there *are* instructions, right?  Look at that photo above again:  it says 'turn'.  
Also, you've seen the Sebastian Maniscalco routine about what happens today when someone rings your doorbell?  LULZ.  But, true.  People don't just 'pop over' these days, right?  So, the doorbell isn't used all that much unless you're expecting company?  In that case, we'd be listening for it, right?

Give this a watch.  
If you came up to a house and saw that mounted to the outside of door, would you know to turn it to ring the doorbell?


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