Survivor Ostrich Ferns In Our New Backyard

The work over at our #NewOldFarmhouse has begun to shift to include the outdoors areas as the project continues to come together.  That means hard surfaces, grass and landscaping.  In the back, we're going to tend to a good chunk of the yard, but there is going to be the back portion that we won't be getting to out of the gate.  That means, we'll be leaving it in it's natural state for now.

The whole thing is kind of in it's 'natural state' for now, meaning there are clumps of weeds and trees and ground covering scattered all over the place.  The landscape crew that is coming in to straighten things out will be clearing some of this stuff out.  But, check out the photo above.  See what is in those red circles?  That's right?!?  Ostrich Ferns.  My favorite.  I've covered them extensively including this post where the University of Illinois Master Gardener confirmed the species and I even transplanted a good set of them out in Naperville to be foster care'd for by Nat's Mom while we were squatting at Equation Boy/Man's house in Elmhurst.  Oh, and here at Equation Boy/Man's house?  I even planted some ferns here that I picked up last Spring at the Garden sale.

So, this discovery of native ferns in the yard at our new place is exciting to me!  But, they're currently inside the perimeter of where the landscape crew is going to work to grade and straighten out and plant sod.  So that means they have to be moved if we want to keep them.  Time is ticking, so I'm hoping that I can get out there before they level the place and try to save a few of these things.  They're survivors, right?  They deserve a spot in our new yard.


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