Tokyo DisneySea Pin

Over the weekend, I posted some photos from my visit to Tokyo DisneySea that showed off the Easter decorations and a bunch of the Easter-related merchandise available in the stores at both DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland.  I bought a bunch of that Easter stuff, but I also picked up some other items including, of course, some pins.

I ended up getting a pin for Tokyo DisneySea the park itself as one of them.  You can see that pin above.  Once we get our pin boards out, this will join its brethren in the 'places' section that mostly features Resorts/hotels like the Contemporary pin in posted at the beginning of April or the holiday-themed resort pins we picked up on our 2015 Christmas trip.  This might be the first park-specific pin that we've bought, although I believe we've traded for some park-specific pins over time.

You can see the full post archives of various Disney pins here on the blog and once we get the pin boards and full pin sets out of storage, I'll try to post a few photos of them for everyone to fully appreciate just how weird this whole thing is and how many pins the kids have accumulated over the years.


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