Transplanted Survivor Ostrich Ferns

Over the weekend, I posted this photo of a handful of 'survivor' ferns in our new backyard and mentioned that they deserved a shot at being transplanted because they're clearly hearty souls.  Having been able to thrive without anyone tending to them in years means they'll likely be easy to care for, right?  That's what I'm going to assume.  Plus the experience I've had with these ferns before make me love them.

I ended up bringing out the spade shovel and dug up a few clumps of them ahead of the landscaper coming out to grade the backyard.  I ended up sticking them in with a bunch of other salvaged plants in the rear of the yard.  Here, in the photo below, you'll see them mixed in amongst the hostas that I took from the front yard as well as a few of the variegated hostas that we picked out of our old neighbor's compost bin in the back.

I'm thinking that this isn't likely their end destination (my current thought is to put these on the north side of our house where there's going to be plenty of shade), but for now, they'll bide their time way back here in the far corner of the lot until we get everything sorted out.


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