King of Clubs Cheese Spread from Mars Cheese Castle

I've been a Merkt's guy for a while.  Sharp Cheddar.  Sure, I'll eat the Pub Cheese from Trader Joe's.  Or if a tub of Kaukauna shows up for a party or get together...I'll slather healthy amounts of it on crackers, pita chips, tortilla chips or what-have-yous.  But it was always Merkt's that I came back to.

Until now.

I've found my new love and it is the King of Clubs Sharp Cheddar Cold Pack Cheese Food.  Yeah...Cheese food.  From the folks at the Mars Cheese Castle comes their house brand of cheese spread.  They offer it in one pound size but also in five pound size.  I probably need to stay away from the five pounder, because the one pound version barely lasted the weekend.  (the 18 ounce crock is cute, though.  Might become my go-to party-going bring-along?  Keep a few of them on hand?  I have to think that this stuff - being 'cheese food' - will last quite a while, right??)

They serve the King of Clubs in their bar up at the Cheese Castle - which turns out to be about 10 minutes north of where we normally get off the expressway for our stops in Wisconsin.  10 minutes seems like a worthy detour - just to get some high quality curds and now this tub of greatness.


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