Lizzie on Lake Elizabeth - A Water Dog?

We've been able to spend a little bit of time this summer up in Twin Lakes on Lake Elizabeth with the kids and little Lizzie.  I've posted a few times about Lizzie.  First, when we got her.  Then, earlier this spring when we marked her 7 month mark.    She was born on July 21st of last year, so we're coming up on her 11 month mark and there are still some new experiences - including her first trip into the lake.  Our dear Maisy - who Lizzie isn't a pimple on - spent some time up in Paw Paw Lake in Michigan.  We bought her a dog life jacket and that's the one that Lizzie is wearing in the photo above.  Maisy was a good swimmer, but one of the funniest things was seeing her swim in the lake only to haul her out by the handle on her back, on top of the jacket, only to see her little legs keep swimming even though she was out of the water.  Turns out, that's a Cavalier thing!  Lizzie does the same thing.

The girls love this big 'yoga mat' as they call it, so we threw Lizzie on it.  Took her a bit to get her sea legs, but after a while she seemed to get comfortable on it.   She's still a little thing (so was Maisy) and she's dealing with a weird rear-end issue (it is kinda gross, so I won't share the details here!), but she's a good girl.  (not as good as Maisy!) I don't know if she'll ever be one of those dogs you see that just leap off the pier into the water but I'm thinking that if we keep introducing her to the water, she'll learn to like it more than Maisy ever did.


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