Second Backyard Pavilion Inspiration

I came across this pavilion on the site and I'm posting it here so I can later reference it when the time comes to think about such a structure in our #newoldbackyard.  Those of you who have been following along for years might recall that we had a pavilion at our old place.  All the way back in April of 2010, I posted the original inspiration photo here on the blog.  That one was anchored off a structure (garage in our case) and came to life over a series of posts.   

The one you see above has some modern touches - like the horizontal slats, lights and some of the flat cuts - and is unanchored to another structure.  The slats remind me a lot of the raised bed planters that I posted about over the weekend.  The simple, single-plane roof is interesting to me in that it requires less framing work.  

The #newoldbackyard is much bigger than our old one, so we have space to do a few things.  Pizza oven.  Greenhouse.  Sports court.  Vegetable garden.  Swingset.  Lots of ideas.  Not sure how many fit.  Just a matter of getting a proper plan in place before acting to ensure we get it right from the start. 


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