Slide and Movie Silver Screen and Angel Topiary from Elmhurst Estate Sale

Pay no attention to the various bag chairs and blankets and strollers and softball gear in the trunk of the minivan in the photo above.  There are two things in this photo that I'd like you to focus on.  First, the big, box from Da-Lite that includes a Slide and Movie Screen on a tripod.  Second, the angel topiary frame laying on it's back below the box.  Both of these items were scored at an Elmhurst Estate Sale recently when I was out with the kids on a Saturday morning.  The screen was just $2 and is in perfect shape.  You pull it out of the box, flip down the tripod and yank up the screen.  It isn't HUGE, but I think measures 48" tall by 48" wide.  And it is a silver screen - which, evidently is 'made for color'.  Kinda love that.

This thing was made for home use and was probably meant for people to show off a slideshows of their vacation when that was a thing.  For us?  It will probably replace the bedsheet and become our outdoor screen in the new backyard for movies and such.  Still have to borrow the projector, but for how often we'll use this, that's just fine.


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