Fence Install With Posts - In Progress (Step 2)

Last week, I posted a BF (before fence) photo of the #newoldbackyard and here above is an in-progress look at the fence posts going in the ground.  The above photo is clickable, but here is a link to the Google Photos version where you can zoom in and scroll around.  This is the second fence that we've installed and I documented almost the exact same point in installation from the first time.  Check it out here from seven years ago.

If you look closely, you'll notice the posts aren't traditional 4x4 cedar posts.  We opted for steel posts as an upgrade this time over the standard cedar posts.  They cost a bit more, but they perform much better and will last much longer.  I'll post something on the posts themselves in the coming days.

The fence is one of the first steps in the evolution of the backyard.  Once it is finished being installed, I can move on to planting some of the trees and then move on to deciding on some of the locations of the landscape beds out back.  But, we'll start to have definition to the space and understand what we're actually dealing with in terms of usage and design.

There's so much that I want to do back there, but I'm also trying to slow myself down a bit so I don't make mistakes that have to be changed out later.  I continue to remind myself that this is a long game.  I know I have to get going on some of the trees, so they have some size to them in a few years while I hope we don't lose any more of the bigger ones, but a lot of the other items (pond, garden, sports court, greenhouse, pizza oven) will likely have to wait until we engage a full landscape designer who can help us make sure we get it right.


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