Our #NewOldBackYard B.F. (Before Fence)

Posting this panoramic photo of the backyard at our #NewOldFarmhouse (or...rather... our #NewOldBackyard) of the state of play BEFORE the cedar fence is going in.  That version above is clickable, so you can get a larger look at the yard, but I'll also share this version on Google Photos that allows you to zoom in and take a look at the panoramic that was stitched together from a few photos I took.  If you look closely, you'll see the crew delivering some of the materials like posts to the various locations around the yard.  Also, on the left side of the yard property line, you can also get a good look at the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree that we planted a few weeks back.

And, those of you with sharp eyes who have kept up with some of the tree talk here on the blog, might also see the Greenspire Lindens that I am planning on espalier'ing.  They're still in their containers up along the rear portion of the house.

You can also get a sense for the density of the trees - especially located near the rear of the property.  Not all of them are beauties of trees , but there are enough quality ones back there to provide quite a bit of screening (there's some oaks, maples, walnuts but also some buckthorns and sumacs - which we'll be getting rid of).  As we take on planting projects, I'm aiming to bring some of that privacy screening via trees to the part of the yard closest to the rear of the house.  And, with a selection of diverse, quality trees.

Most importantly, you can get a sense for the sides of the property that pose privacy issues.  On the far left of the panoramic, you can see a new construction house, but by the same builder that built ours.  They have a spectacular paver patio out back.  When the lot we owned was vacant, they were likely just fine.  Now that we're there?  We're staring into each other's yards if we're out on the patio or grilling.

On the far right of the panoramic, you'll see a driveway with various vehicles and items on it along with a garage.  Part of the fence project aims to provide some privacy and block some of that view from our screened porch, patio and family room.  Due to the grade (which you can somewhat make out), we're going to need to do more than just a fence.  It is going to call for some plantings along that north side to provide shade and screening above the 6' height of the board on batten fence.


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