Our Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas Are Turning

Part of our initial plant/landscape installation included a few sets of hydrangeas out front of the porch.  I think both Nat and I really like hydrangeas - they're pretty easy to tend to and they have a bit of 'showiness' to them.  Our #newoldfarmhouse is white, so one of the ideas that Nat's Mom had was to try to bring in a hydrangea that had a bit of color to it.  Chris Paul of Green Grass Landscaping (and my fraternity brother!) came back with these Vanilla Strawberry ones.

They bloomed this first year and have good-sized white flowers.  But, just this week, you can see that some of them are turning pink.  Exciting stuff.  From the sounds of this story from HydrangeaGuide, it sounds like the show lasts all summer:
It will start to produce them show stopping flowers around the start of Summer and flowers appear from white pinkish buds and open into white flowers. The large white coned shaped flowers then start to turn pink before slowly turning a strawberry red color giving it the name Vanilla Strawberry. But if that was not amazing enough the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea flowers all summer long meaning that all three flower colors (white /pink and strawberry pink) are displayed at once which just looks beautiful as the three colors contrast against each other for that award winning show!
I've had other hydrangeas that I've covered in the past including a Pinky Winky variety that never turned color for me, so I'm particularly excited to see these go pink already.

Here's the full archives of hydrangea posts on the blog.


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