WDW Monorail Pilot Wings Sticker

This is the third post this week showing off a 'new to us' little freebie/item from down at Walt Disney World that we picked up on a trip.  The first was a new Transportation Card from the Friendship boats around the Epcot Resort lake area.  The second was the 'Honorary Custodian' sticker that the King of the Ball Tossers was given.   Today it is this sweet Walt Disney World Monorail pilot wings sticker.

As we were walking up the ramp to board the Monorail at the Epcot Center, one of the Cast Members/Monorail Pilots directed us towards an open section.  Then, she whipped out a set of these stickers.  We've never seen them before, so they're totally new to us.  And the kids loved them.  All three of them put the stickers on - right after I took this photo.

In terms of ranking the 'coolest' factor of these freebies, I think these Monorail Pilot wings come in right behind the business card of the Honorable Christopher George Weaver, the Mayor of Mainstreet USA.  


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