Fountain Grasses Planted In #NewOldBackyard

Just a few days ago, I posted a photo of the three fountain grasses that Nat picked up in an early fall sale.  After a week or so of them sitting on our driveway, I finally found the time to dig up the holes and plant them in the #newoldbackyard.  I toyed around with planting them in different configurations, but after laying them out in various places, Nat encouraged me to put them in a line because the bed where these are located now, isn't quite defined yet.  And instead of putting them out further from the fence, I lined them up along the fence in a row.  That way, the kids would be a lot less likely to trample them when they come/go in the yard/neighbor's yard. 

To give you a sense of the context of their location, I put them to the south of this Japanese Flowering Cherry tree that I planted at the very beginning of July of this yearIf you look at this photo, these are between the daylilies and the hostas.    I am going to try to baby these and give them a lot of water in the remaining weeks before real fall sets in with the hope that they'll take and come back in the Spring.  As part of phase 2 of the backyard plan, we're going to begin to layout/identify the locations of the beds on the sides and back, so I'm hoping that we made a good pick with this location, but if not, I've re-planted grasses before and with some care they've always bounced back. 


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