Hello Old Friend: Anemone In Our New Neighborhood

On the way to and from the bus stop with the girls, we walk past one of our new neighbor's house in the Randall Park neighborhood who have replaced their entire front yard with a perennial garden.  Not an inch of green grass to be found.  Not even in the parkway.  In one of the prime spots adjacent to the sidewalk is this big, sprawling Anemone plant.  If you click on the photo, you'll see that it is still blooming a bit this late in the season and gives me a little bit of joy every time I walk by it.

If you've been following along since we were in our old house (before Equation Boy/Man's house), you might remember that we had an anemone there, too.  It was in the front/side yard, just outside of our front porch and was awfully happy with the location.  The first time I posted about the plant was back six years ago here on the blog.  Our history with anemone goes back to Nat's wedding bouquet - as her friend/florist stuck a few blooms amongst other of Nat's favorite flowers.  Something weird happened at the wedding as someone lifted her bouquet and it didn't come home with us.  So, her mother conspired with the florist to recreate it for her, but that required buying some plants in pots like Anemone.  Well...you can read the rest of the story at this old post here.


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